September Changes Everything

Oh, September.

I never really liked you.

Summertime is never long enough.  For three measly months, we get fabulous heat, convertible weather, and an abundance of seafood.  The days are long with sunshine; lots of reasons to call out of work and sit by the pool.   I’m in love with summer because it was the one season I was not miserable while growing up.   It’s all subconscious—I know.  June, July, August:  you are the best.

And then September comes in with it’s chilly air, smelling like old yellow school buses.  I am reminded of how much school sucked, and how I do not miss being a kid at all. 

As an adult, I try to put some distance between myself and my inner 12 year old.  I am well aware that by not liking 65% of the seasonal year, I am setting myself up to be dismal.  Sorry, but Vitamin D goes a long way with me.  Short days of sunlight = Debbie Downer. 

Charles Bukowski’s poem, “Schoolyard of Forever” is pretty on point if you feel the same as I do.


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