Free Advice

“Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit” — Henry Rollins 

a totally unrelated shout-out to Henry Rollins

I’m no love expert, but I’ve observed a lot in my day.   Actually, I learned a lot from just watching the dysfunctional relationship of my very own parents.  Yes.  I said it.   I even repeated a few of their dysfunctions myself.  That’s just how it goes.  

Experience has made me rich with insight, which I dispense when called upon.   I can read into why a person is behaving a certain way.  It is all very deep, I tell you.  My magical .02 is free to all, and tailored for those with short attention spans.  

Also, I’m pretty good at public relations:   when it comes to colossal screw-ups, talk to me.  Together, we can devise an Eliot Mintz -worthy  rescue strategy.   As of today, 79sparrows will now feature a “Free Advice” category.  (oooh how… Sexy!) 

Thank you and god bless! 


If you or someone you know has a dilemma, or just needs a good laugh,  send me an email at  Your name & email will be kept anonymous.  You’re in good hands.

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