Free Advice: What’s so great about the internet?

Good morning “79sparrows,”

Hello my name is James, but you can call me ‘J.J’. if you want.   Anyway, I’m 68 years old and this is my NINTH time on the internet.  I’m retired ( Navy) so I like to read stories by other people while I’m eating my eggs and bacon in the a.m.  ‘FYI” eggs are on sale for $2 at the commissary this week.
  I saw your site and your “free advice” advertisement and seeing as I’m trying to get acclimated with the internet, I figure I could just ask you.  Shit, I dont know.  I’m not asking the Dell people because the guys they sent over to install the computer could screw up a one car funeral.  Not that bright. 
   I found the Washington Post newspaper online.  Every tom, dick and harry I know makes a big deal about reading news on the computer.  Why?   They’d be crazy to get rid of newspapers.  Which would you rather carry into the men’s room, a newspaper or a portable computer? –That’s all I’m saying.  Signing off.  The grocery store is calling my name.  The “Sub of the Week” is roast beef w/ provolone.   I ordered 5 subs, the neighbors buy  them off me for an honest $2.  Listen, sparrows79, Good luck with your stories.  I’ll be online tomorrow.

Greetings, J.J.!

Congrats on giving the internet a chance.   The fact that you’ve already been reading blogs (‘blog’ is a term meaning ‘web log,’ which is technically what you have found online)  and only 9 internet visits in , speaks volumes.   I commend you for enjoying your retirement by trying new things!

Your frustration with the over-use of technology is shared by many people.  Heck, I boycott my personal email every so often.  As for why reading the news online is preferred by so many people:  news is minute-by-minute.  Instant.  So some people will forego the newspaper in favor of checking the internet for what they want to know.   I agree with you on this–reading an actual paper/publication is far more “rich” of an experience.

And if I was going into the men’s bathroom, I think ‘reading’ would be the last thing going on.  Ha-ha. 

The $2 subs are a hell of a deal.  I hope I’ve answered some of your curiosity  about internet technology.   Feel free to write in again! 

PS.  Raise a toast to the Washington Post!


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