Free Advice: My Boss is Stalking Me


Hey 79sparrows.

Help!   My boss is a micro-manager.  I’ve worked in an office for 7 years and have never dealt with a boss who is so OCD with details.  My cubicle is down the hall from his office, but that doesn’t stop him from showing up a few times a day to check on what I’m working on.  I am so overwhelmed by this that I find myself screwing off on the internet more than ever.  I am a nervous wreck:  he could walk in my cubicle at any moment!  How would you say I handle this situation?   The job security at this organization is nice, so I’d like to stay.

–Miserable in Manhattan

 Hello Miserable in Manhattan!

I feel your pain.  Working for a micro-manager can suck the life (and creativity) right out of you.  The reason your boss is a micro-manager is because he does not feel comfortable in his own job position.  Unfortunately, his employees are the ones who suffer.

The way to counter-act his worrying/OCD is to overwhelm HIM with details before he has a chance to ask/visit your cubicle.  Send him updates on the status of what you are working on, volunteer information.  It will keep him busy and cut back on impromptu cubicle visits. 

Also, if he startles you by walking into your cube unannounced, maybe he wouldn’t do that so much if you accidently spilled your drink on him.  Milk or V-8 juice stains are memorable, especially as the day goes on.   Good luck.

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  1. nothingexistswithtime says:

    hahaha..I had such a kind boss few years back.
    once i remember I had my ear phones on (i do this usually when I’m working so that I dont get disturbed from unnecessary noise around) and the jerk came and kept calling me..i never noticed 😀

    Drop by my blog

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