Free Advice: Update from JJ


Date: 09/21/10

 JJ reporting in.  Thanks for the insight, {link},  I still read the ‘real’ Washington Post everyday.  Who needs to check the internet every 10 minutes to see what’s going on in the world?  Sometimes not knowing right away makes life more fun.  I’m not trying to say the younger generations have boundary issues when they’re sitting in front of a computer, but I don’t disagree with that idea either, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

  This week the only good thing I’ve found on the internet these ‘automatic notification’ things of ongoing sales at a few local grocery stores.  I could still get it cheaper at the Commissary, but Im not driving 40 minutes just to pick up a steak.  Not with these gas prices.  So now I monitor these things.  Canned mushrooms are 2/$1.00 at Giant, and Safeway has a special going on, if you buy a pound of steamed shrimp, the second pound is half off.   

  I’ve ‘blog surfed’ too.  Everyone’s got something to say.  In my day, we’d pick up a book or tell someone a real live story.  My mother would make clam fritters and the family would sit out on the porch and usually my brother Bobby would talk about himself the whole time, so maybe the world has not changed that much.  

I hear ‘eminem’ has a new record out, last I heard he hated his mother.  Alright I gotta go thaw out my steak for dinner.




I get so excited to see your emails.  Please stick with the internet just enough so you can keep us abreast of your life.

PS.  I agree with you about information technology and boundary issues. 


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