Guess which group of people are worth thinking about


The true

Be good, or be good at it.  
Check it:
All the true jerk-offs
Have either boundaries of chain-link fences or
Great Walls of China.
I’d prefer to see a person’s better half
While their other personality
Kicks me while I’m down,
Kicks me when up I’m up too,
Sideways or upside-down
But I only notice when I’m really down.
However my sense of smell has evolved into
That of a blood hound searching for a sandwich
And those with unfortunate core personality traits
Have the aroma
That scent is unmistakable.  It is there like spilled milk
Across every table I sit.
All the chosen few
Who exist within the circle of trust
We keep watch like a lighthouse
As the seas storm
As the seas part
As the seas rock
And on those sunny days
We play like children
At the beach.

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