From a Reader

Date:  09/24/10

Hey Sparrows,

I used to read your Xanga page when you blogged over there back when it was cool.  My sister told me you blog here now,  and to be honest I didnt know if I would read it.  No offense but your stuff used to depress the hell out of me, altho the constant inner conflict was interesting.  But after reading most of your posts here on WordPress, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.  You’ve grown up!  Not that you were ever immature you know  but just emotionally grown up, it seems like.  anyway thanks for reading this, and if you want to respond to me in your free advice section that’s fine.  have a good weekend. 
–Brian M.


HI Brian !
Thanks for your honesty.
I have struggled with anxiety and depression and ADD all my life.  So much of my writing reflected that: dark, cryptic…and my poetry is still moody but that’s about it.   There’s lots more to write about then just MYSELF, and marinating inside of myself is what gets me in trouble.  Why log in to WordPress to blog about my bullsh*t?  Plus, I don’t have drama in my life anymore.  Since my Xanga days, a lot happened.   A few things: 

– I went to school to become a massage therapist, and that got me in touch with a sense of a ‘future’ doing something I may like.  
-One of my best friends (who was also on Xanga) passed away at 40 years old from terminal cancer, and it opened my eyes to what is important in life.  And how little time we have. 

Why be stuck inside ourselves?   Soo….thanks for reading, and thank you for writing too.   Have a good weekend Brian!

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