Boundaries: Strip Clubs

I usually keep my mouth shut about strip clubs and the men who go to them.  If you’ve never been to a strip club, it is a place where women walk around semi-nude and also “dance” for dollars.  Depending on the quality of the club, lap dances may be available along with “other services” in the back room, or live “shows” between 2 women ‘dancers.’  (aka porn) 

Yes, the lines are already blurring. 
Depending on state/city laws, a lot can go on.

So when I hear one of my guy friends say they went to a strip club for ‘boy’s night out,’ I just listen and don’t think much about it.  Men love women and I’m sure it’s more fun to watch them walk around naked at a strip club,  than watch tv at a sports bar.  I get it. 

Now as far as men who are in a serious relationship/engaged/marry go, this is where it gets a little sticky for me.  (no pun intended.)  I appreciate a woman’s body too, it’s nice we live in a free country, etc etc.  But sitting in a skeezy strip joint with “Pour Some Sugar On Me” blasting is not where my man needs to be to appreciate women.  That’s right!  I said it.  I am not ‘cool’ when it comes to that.  And ladies, you don’t need to swallow your pride and be ‘down’ with those types of shenanigans if you really dont feel that way.   If it doesn’t bother you, that’s fine too.  But it bothers me! Hehe.  It’s NOT ok.   STRIP STEAK YES, STRIP CLUBS NO!

If a man needs to be close around naked women to appreciate their wife/gf, Houston we have a problem.  Obviously, something has gone horribly wrong in the communication center if your man is out looking at strange instead of doing something freaky with you to feed the flames of passion.  And if you believe your man is thinking about you in bed after a night out at Good Guy’s Strip Cabaret, you fell for another one. 

I may be labeled the ‘jealous’ type, but I’m not going out staring at other men’s penises during ‘Girls night out,’ either.  And I wouldn’t think that is a good sign about my relationship if I did.   

Is any of this making sense?   Where do you stand on the topic of your Significant Other going to strip clubs w/o you?  Gentlemen, I’d love to hear your opinions too.

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  1. Summer Said says:

    Hey there. I would not like my man to go to a strip club either and I work in one! Location and the quality of the club are very important and fortunately for me mine is very upscale. We, the strippers are actually more prone to shenanigans and not the other way around. Anyway, if you would like an insider look come visit me. 😉

  2. MB says:

    Hey Summer, I was looking thru my old posts and comments. Thank you for adding your .02, and being fair. You sound like a cool woman, hope you are doing well. 🙂

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