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Hey it’s JJ, your favorite old fart.    I’ve been receiving US Postal mailings since I was 12, and I’m 69 this December,  so do the math.  I remember when junk mail didnt even exist.  Now I open the mailbox and it’s all junk and a few bills. 

Anyway I’ve only been using the internet for a few months  and I’ve been using  an e-mail account so my brother Buddy can send me his 8,000 jokes all the way from Newport, Rhode Island.  Both of us are hard of hearing so this actually is not bad. 

Which is all just great except  I get junkmail even in cyber space.  Or “spam” as you kids call it, SPAM is unappealing no matter what you apply it to.   It’s like a weasel is following me around the commissary watching what food I buy so he can sell my information  to all the Costcos, BJs, Sam’s Clubs of the world.   In my day the only thing weasels would get is a knuckle sandwich.  Technology just goes on and on.
Thanks, JJ.

JJ–agreed.   I thought you may find this interesting:

Spam is legally permissible according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 provided it follows certain criteria: a “truthful” subject line, no forged information in the technical headers or sender address, and other minor requirements. If the spam fails to comply with any of these requirements it is illegal. Aggravated or accelerated penalties apply if the spammer harvested the e-mail addresses using methods described earlier.

More about Spam.  Thanks for writing in.  🙂  -79sparrows

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  1. pranavgarg293 says:

    It is indeed a very big problem
    Thinking of writing a blog post on the same topic on my blog at

  2. Sam says:

    I once read a small stat somewhere which stated that junk email message that are sent in a year stands at 200bn. Great stuff and email that are genuine are just about 47bn.

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