Letters to Liz


Since I’m living for us both, a lot of what I do is because of you.  It’s the only way I can.  You always looked out for me and I hope I won’t let you down now, because I know you’re watching.

You always kept your nails painted and looking nice, so this summer has featured a plethora of colors rather than my usual bare, unmanicured hands.  Greens!  Blue!  Pink!  Reds!  Orange!  I even got some nail pens and drew designs.

I’ve been writing more than ever.  You appreciated my work.  I didnt understand how much until I look back at the 11 years we were best friends.

You told me I’d need to let some people go out of my life.  I did that too.  I’m too heartbroken missing you, it was easy letting go of the living toxic people.  You…you stay with me.

I keep so busy now.  There’s so much to do, and so little time to waste on my chronic negative emotions/moods.  You taught me so much.  I hope you are happy now, where you are.  I can’t wait to see you when I kick the bucket one of these days.

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