My Philosophy on Raising Children

For having no sense of structure as a child, I sure spent a lot of time on ‘restriction.’  What my parents lacked in communication, they made up with discipline.  The link between these 2 is, more structure = less restriction, yelling, and emotional abuse.   

That being said, I’ve made some decisions about raising children. 

  1.  Manners   Very important!  Children should be seen, not heard, and if they are heard, “please” and “thank you” better be in the mix.
  2. Let Them Cry  Seriously, babies need to learn to self-sooth as much as they need to feel secure.  At least wait 10 minutes before giving in once in a while.  And before you go in to rescue said crying child, ask “do I need to give someone something to cry about?”
  3. Routine.  Don’t yell at your kids for not doing what they’re supposed to do, if you have never guided them in a routine. 
  4. Explain what the hell is going on.  All I remember from my childhood is having to do things like go to school and church.  My parents were not big on explaining the purpose or reasoning behind anything. 
  5. Encourage Creativity  This could be your child’s saving grace, and an outlet he/she turns to later in life, OR they can just turn to drugs and alcohol to cope.
  6. Turn the TV off during dinner.  Even the family dinner should have some structure.   Everyone at the table should feel secure that they can start and finish a sentence or story.  It’s even better when parents respond and discuss.  The family will bond over this kind of regular interaction.
  7. Build selfesteem.  Trust me, the kids at school aren’t going to do it for your kids, so make sure and let them know they are fricken awesome and beautiful.
  8. With structure comes security.  Nothing is more valuable than a safe foundation in life.

And if all else fails…..

this works too

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