Free Advice: Looking for a Traditional Housewife

Date:  Sept 30, 2010

Good evening.  My name is Gustavo.  Maybe you could point me in the right direction.  I’m a 39 year old man, single, and easy on the eyes.  I’ve never had a problem scoring with the ladies, but keep striking out when it comes to locking down ‘Miss Right.’  My last girlfriend was a sexy little biscuit, but didn’t want to cook or clean.

She was great in the sack and otherwise kind of clueless.  For the most part we got along great.  Then she told me:  Gustavo, just run over to McDonalds if you are hungry.  I don’t want to cook.”  Then she talked about her long day at work for what felt like the rest of the night.

I’m considering placing an ad on because I’d like a few children by the time I’m 47.  Is online dating a decent method for meeting chicks?  I just want the opportunity to make a special woman the luckiest wife in the world.
Best Regards,
The traditional gender roles you speak of have diminished greatly since the days of Ward & June Cleaver.    It may be difficult to find what you are looking for since most women work for a living, and therefore do not have the time or energy to prepare meals and clean, anymore than a man does at the end of the day. 
If you want a woman to fulfil such full-time roles as housekeeping and meal preparation, you should at least be able to provide financially, aka “bring home the bacon.”    Now, if you can can do that, you’ll probably have more luck finding a future wife, since some women prefer to be a stay-at-home mom, etc, and/or they are a gold digger who wants to live the easy life.   The latter, unfortunately may not be the best housekeeper or cook, either, since they don’t want to work as it is.

Well, those are your choices.

This article may also provide some insight.  ( “Wrong Reasons Men Seek Russian Brides: The Traditional Housewife Myth”)

Best of luck to you, Gustavo!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Maybe he should just hire a maid.. Problem solved. 🙂

    1. MB says:

      This is great

  2. Jenn says:

    I dont think he is wrong for going for what he wants. Some woman do like being in the traditional role. I love to cook and clean, and take care of my son. I am single, but when I was with his father, I always took are of the house and him, and liked it 🙂

  3. Nikki says:

    I agree with these more traditional roles. A woman is naturally nurturing. I am not a housewife anymore but when i was it was wonderful. I cooked, baked, had a garden, raised very intelligent children and enjoyed every minute of it!

    1. MB says:

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing this perspective. We should enjoy life 🙂 in the way that feels right.

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