Nothing Much & Everything

“It’s the little things that mean so much.”

I never believed that sentiment until time taught me a lesson.  I expected big, glorious moments out of life; and those moments either never came or presented themselves very modestly.  Many days were wasted waiting around for something cool to happen.

Then, this past summer, my best friend passed away.  Living through that nightmare left me forever changed.   Now I cherish the details of everyday life, because doing so equals Living.   The little things are my allies in this unpredictable world of joy, beauty, and tragedy.  Here are a few things that make me smile when everything else is unremarkable.

my dog
Taco & my luxurious bed

Going to sleep with my dog every night in my luxury queen-sized bed. For the longest time, Taco & I slept in an el cheapo twin-sized bed.  Last year I upgraded to a (still cheap) full-size bed, which was nice.  Then, a few weeks ago my Aunt gave me her spare bed, including a 2-inch memory foam top.  What can I say?  I’m in love, and completely underestimated the fabulosity of a sturdy, luxury mattress.

Beads.   Creating jewelry and deco from beads is surprisingly satisfying and keeps me out of trouble.   Michael’s Craft Store is like an expensive drug–I limit my bead shopping to once or twice a month.   The variety of it all fulfills my ADD.   Get bored?   Start a new piece.

Salted caramel hot chocolate can be found at Stabucks and is everything I’ve ever wanted from a hot beverage.  No matter how cold it gets, I’ve got something warm in my hand.  (That’s what she said.)

Books.   There’s a book for every mood and every day of life.  A few personal faves:   Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, Henry Rollins, mystery, and self-help.  And on that note….

Hello Henry!   This guy gets me through the bluest times.  I have been a fan since back when Henry Rollins was just some band guy who wrote depressing books.   I loved how raw he was, 24/7.   Fast forward to 2010, still the same raw intensity, but Hank has branched out into humorous spoken word performances, college graduation speeches, tv shows, and politics.   And he hangs out with William Shatner for crying out loud!  Guys like Henry are the reason women think a lost soul can grow up into a well rounded man.

MUSIC.   Makes the world go round.

“..and father time, you do your best to mend, broken hearts, loosened ends..” –“Phantom Eyes,”  Marah

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