A small window of time


OPEN SUN! wow. (with model, courtesy of Google)
I’m in that mood where I just want to go balls out and type, so welcome to the show. I haven’t blogged in months and just havent felt like keeping 79sparrows up anymore. My loss, not yours. I miss writing. My attention span has always been lame, trust me, I attended 10 years of Catholic church followed by Sunday School, and I dont remember a damn thing. I zoned out in church, school, and in most of my free time, I zoned out. Why? It’s a curse called ADD. If you don’t believe it’s a real condition, fine with me. Time has proven it for me.
In 1st grade, I was held back because of my grades. The school counselors told my parents I was a “slow learner.” I guess it’s true in a way—look at my love life. bum-bum-chhhh.
Anyway my parents let me in on that little secret, and it took me till age 23 when I was diagnosed to make any sense of it.
In a nutshell– I’m not consistent with anything. However, writing has always been a passion, so what’s not to love? (as charlie sheen would say)


I’ve been making beaded lanyards to sell at work.
I think of Liz everyday. I miss her a LOT.
I don’t care who reads this blog anymore. I used to write for the public, now this is a place to be real.
I am so behind on my path! It worries me.
I upgraded to platinum level at the tanning salon. I know, tanning is BAD FOR YOU! But walk an unskinny bop bop bop bop in my shoes and then let me know how you feel. Winter is my kryptonite! The $13 it cost to upgrade this month was so worth it. The high-class tanning beds are like a sensory escape. The beds are equipped w/ their own personal sound system, pumping out your choice of genre. The lights are soothing, the aromatherapy relaxing! The ten minutes spent blasting Vitamin D into my cells are some of my favorite minutes of the week. One of the ‘platinum level’ beds even is open-air. So for those who feel suffocated, it’s a godsend.

Behold, the Ergoline Open Sun:

2011: Not your mother's tanning beds

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