I seem to be, what I’m not… you see.

Listen up kiddies, in the 1950s,  there was a band called “The Platters”

They  kicked ass.

I’ve been a fan since childhood.    Songs like “Only you” “The Great Pretender” “My Prayer” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” “Harbor Lights” “Twilight Time” take me back to a place I’ve never even been.   I don’t know, the Platters just have that effect.

I got a cell phone at age 19  (12 years ago if you’re keeping count.)  Not that long ago, but parsecs away in technology years.    It was clunky and not sleek  and half the time didn’t pick up any reception.   Surprisingly, missing calls wasn’t that annoying to me.  The average phone conversation lasted 2 minutes, and usually it was my mother asking where I was and when I was coming home. 

Fast forward to 2011.    The cell phone I have is sleek, always has a good signal, and weighs as much as a  ball and chain. Oh, figuratively speaking.  It’s a lot of responsibility.   Technology has made it possible for my mother to reach me in multiple ways (texting is her fave.)   The days when a cell phone was “for emergencies” on the road have passed.  A moment of silence, please.

Here’s to the good ol’ days.

Nokia, 1999

Motorola, 1999

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