Running Out of Time (to spend eff’ing off)

I have ADD.  If you don’t believe in that, more power to you.  Of course, it is over-diagnosed and over-sensationalized.  ADD is not an excuse to act like an a$$.   It is possible to get a grip over things like interrupting people when they are talking, even unmedicated.    Just be quiet and wait for silence.

See?  I just did it.     So not to worry, I’m not one of those.   However-I can say this:  My brain tortures me during menial tasks.  Like work.  Sweeping the floor, data entry, reading statistical facts is the time for my mind to ruin the day.   I am obsessed with time.  I am obsessed with time because I can’t control or manage it.  It’s a fruitless battle.  I am late all the time and leave projects unfinished, and all the while I’m doing clock math.  Currently, I have 40 minutes left to screw off before the mad rush to finish vaccuuming my Aunt’s house before I have to leave at 7:20 pm. 

Here are something  I’ve been thinking about while doing boring stuff.

The GPS in my Vehicle is Making Me Dumber.
And GPS (Global Positioning System) tells me where to go in that cute British voice I’ve selected.   I call him “Anders,” and Anders instructs me how to get where I’m going.   A blessing, because I get lost in places like D.C. and Baltimore.   And Anders makes life so much easier by telling me how to find my way home, or find my way to an appointment when it’s a place I’ve never been.    But it’s a curse because I rely on Anders so much.  I am in a one-sided co-dependant relationship.   Because getting places is easier than ever,  I never memorize anything.   I’m sure if I didn’t have Anders in my life, I’d remember how to get to my friend’s house since I’ve done it 7 times already.  But, I don’t.  

Back to my boring task at hand.

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  1. Lana says:

    You know, I think you’re onto something. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD but I experience the same exact thing throughout the day. In school, I used to be able to focus. However, now, I find it hard to focus. I wonder if it’s because I just totally hate my job and find it boring as hell, or if the whole cult of “multi-tasking” that’s been drilled into our heads as being a desirable “skill” over the years is really more detrimental. You’re expected to do so many things at once — all with supposedly equal “importance,” but you never really get to FOCUS on the task.

    Granted, I find it easier to focus when I’m doing or reading something I WANT to do, but I guess that doesn’t really solve the problem.

    Anyhoots, I feel ya on this one, sista!

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