My bathroom, my sanctuary


There’s just something about the bathroom.  Not really public bathrooms, but sometimes those are a great escape.   The rest room is a place with boundaries solid like a door (or…stall) .  Interrupting someone while they are on the can is a universal no-no. 

I push the limits with my personal bathroom at home.  It is the most spacious bathroom I’ve ever had.  My previous showers were  slightly bigger than a coffin, and always a cold, compact arrangement of : coffin shower, small sink, toilet.   But my current bathroom is fabulous:  glass shower, seperate soaking tub, double sink, toilet.    My housemate is great but you know how it is, sometimes we all need Calgon to take us away and soak in a tub, guilt-free.  To just zone out and leave for a while. 

I luxuriate.
Network.   (Internet via cell phone.  Tweet !)
Open mail  (especally internet-ordered packages or surprises)

It’s great to look out the window late at night and see the street lights in the distance.

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