and YOU said blah blah blah


Breaking news:

This summer, I’m taking a trip to Amsterdam. 

*breaker. breaker.*
this is not  a dream.

This sudden detour from my on-going 8 romance with going back to Cabo San Lucas has smashed through the nostaglia.  Why  the hell not?  It’s great.  And why didn’t I ever think of this before?  Jesus.

Signing off with an awesome poem I discovered a few weeks ago:

My inside, listen to me,
the greatest spirit, the Teacher, is near,
wake up, wake up!
Run to his feet-
he is standing close to your head right now.
You have slept for millions and millions of years.
Why not wake up this morning?
There is a flag no one sees blowing in the sky-temple.
A blue cloth has been stretched up
it is decorated with the moon and many jewels.
The sun and the moon can be seen in that place;
when looking at that, bring your mind down to silence.
I will tell you the truth:
the man who has drunk from that liquid
wanders around like someone insane.


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