In September, I embarked on a mission into the world of DIY.   

(DIY=  Do It Yourself, for anyone who’s been living in a cave. )

I’m a DIY machine, baby.  Still not sure if it’s my innate desire to create create create or if I’ve gone off the deep end.  DIY endeavors are amazing, but also all-encompassing and a bit isolating.  So now I’m going to share a recent creation:

DIY labels, deco, and hot sauce

These turned out awesome.  My friend wanted a “fun” babyshower, a co-ed baby shower/bbq hybrid gathering to have fun.  Well, we sure as hell did it.  Including making fabulous party favors- such as the hot sauce above.  I made 5 different labels and my friend and her hubby made 5 different kinds of hot sauce.  The “hottest” was called “Satan’s Spawn,” the mildest: “Oh Baby!”  It was great fun and a huge hit.  The bottles were ordered el cheopo from a wholesale site.  For being only .20/each, they were of great quality.  We decorated the caps w/ plastic baby figurines found at the dollar store.  The final product turned out to be fabulous. 

Proving to the world that showers can be fun……

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