Artificially Awake


All eight bracelets were tarnished and dull.  Seven years have passed since they were bought new in Los Cabos, Mexico.  I was new too.  All this time between those summers in Cabo and now have tarnished me too.  I need something to scrub the crusty film that time lends.  Almost 32 now.  I never imagined being this age. 

One morning in Cabo, we had to show up at a time share meeting in order to get a few good deals.  I remember that morning like it was yesterday.  I was in beachwear and already high.  While they talked of financial matters, I zoned out in my comfortable stoned state.  The waves crashed against the Pacific rocks, blue and green and bright. 

Later in the hot tub on the roof  of our balcony,  the stars threw rays of brilliant light, the moon reflected in the sea, and the air was the free-est that I’ve ever breathed.

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  1. Lana says:

    You know, I think I find myself always zoning out whenever people start talking about “finances” or too much about numbers. I’m more the type who’s staring out the window, looking at the sun and trees and off in my own little world that a lot of people scoff at.

    Truthfully, I could give a shit less about the world of finance and cash. I just want enough to enjoy myself and to be left the hell alone half the time. Just that sense of freedom.

    Considering the state of the world today, with so much being dictated by “he who dies with the most stuff wins”, a general lack of soul and everything being in the toilet — sometimes I think maybe it’s the people like us who have the right idea, tuning out the “numbers” line of bullshit.

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