New Art


I’ve been working on new projects in the studio.    When I started making jewelry, I bought tons of beads from Michael’s.  Anyone who’s ever shopped at Michael’s knows how easy it is to spend a month’s rent while stopping in for some string.   Also,  I never felt like the end creation was all “mine,” because I was using commercial pendants and charms.

Then I got in to mixed media techniques, and the doors of design swung open.  Now I use polymer clay, resin, bezels, stamps, inks, and images to create truly one-of-a-kind products.

Here are some new creations:

Knotty but NICE
A-OK pendant
War is Over (if you want it)
Undercover Ball Necklace
"Save the Last Dance for Me" / Vintage Dance Card Bracelet
Colorful Bottlecap Earrings

All this and more over on my Etsy site, Clashual.

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    1. MB says:

      Thank you Chicquero!!! I was wondering if anyone would read this 🙂 thanks for the positive feedback

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