Links You’ll Love

I don’t ‘give back’ to the community nearly as much as I should.  It’s always “look at me me me!”    

I spend a lot of time cruising the internet, obsessing over certain websites, searching for information, stalking my ex’s…you name it.  In that time, I’ve found a few wwws that stand out from the rest.   I’m big on saving time, so several of these are especially good like that.  Without further adue:

A directory of useful sites that will rock your world.   This is #1 for a reason, so check it out.

Do you like celebrity gossip?  So do I.   Especially when I’m stuck in front of a computer for 9 hours a day.  WeSmirch collects the best & top stories from ALL the reputable gossip sites.  You’ll find all the top stories about Lindsay Lohan’s latest chemical manifesto, what’s really going on with Will & Jada, and John Travolta’s adventures in Scientology all together in harmony.

“Today’s Gossip is Tomorrow’s News”
Gawker is pure entertainment.  The writers cover everything going on that you didn’t know you want to know about.

A fine selection of DJ mixes from every genre under the sun.   I love this site.  Sometimes while listening to mixes of  house/electro,  I even forget I’m at work.

Better than a thesauraus, quicker than opening a book.

Courtney Stodden’s Twitter
Yes, the 16year old wife of Doug Hutchinson has a Twitter, and it’s the most unintentionally hilarious thing ever. 

From Me to You
Flippin amazing photography blog.  This woman has it all: a jet-setting, glamorous career and STYLE.  But most of all she is an amazing photographer.

And there you have it.
Let me know which link was your fave.

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