September 2nd, 2011 : my Toshiba netbook closed the door on our 2 year relationship after catching an unfortunate virus.  One minute everything is fine…the next the screen is empty and everything’s gone.  Programs, files, folders.  Gone!

My only fault in all this was being too trusting. The Microsoft update turned out to be virus.  All because of the sickos out there in the world that feel smart because they made a computer virus.  Somewhere in the midwest, a sweaty 17 year old takes a break from jerking off to pat himself on the back for his stellar hacking skills.  I don’t understand these people–they don’t even get to witness the aftermath of their pathetic handywork.

In a nutshell, no netbook=no internet access at home.  What will I do with my LIFE?

Naturally, even this concern didn’t move me into action.   I was still too pissed at the jerk-off hacker loser, to even drop the netbook off with Geek Squad.  Instead, I embarked on an 8 week journey of being internet-free for a change.   Many of my generation simply wouldn’t do this experiment voluntarily, but I am one from none. 

What's that noise? Oh it's me tooting my own horn!

In my spare moments, I had to occupy myself in ways besides hiting up Gawker/the Dirty/TMZ/facebook/twitter/Google.  At first, not having the www at my fingertips was uncomfortable and disorienting.  Then I found other things to do.  Like:

* Playing Wii
Now I see what all the fuss was about.   So I’m 32, in my room, playing video games and not feeling guilty?  Yeah, it’s like that.  Because if I’m playing Wii Fit, it’s more like a workout video right?  Yeah.    Video games have come a long way since my day.

It’s a feeling like nothing else when you’re lost in the pages of a good book.   Being somewhere else without leaving your chair.  I bought some good used books from Amazon el cheapo. 


Ok I’m gonna wrap this up.

I’m very glad for the 8 week liberation from having that damn netbook on my lap every night.  It’s bad enough I sit in front of a pc all day at work.

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