Shit Guys Say

One of the accounts I follow on Twitter is ShitGirlsSay, which is pretty darn funny.

Stereotyping, yes, but accurate.   And it made me think, hey what about the gentlemen?  What kind of cliches’ come out of their mouth?  So I thought about it…

  1. Is that the 3G or 4G?
  2. Check out those wheels
  3. No, I know where we’re going
  4. Do you still have your GPS?
  5. What?  She’s nuts.
  6. I never dated her.
  7. We just hooked up a few times.
  8. Do you want to be Anakin or Darth Vader?
  9. No, Slayer is still together. They just put out a new album.
  10. I have big feet.
  11. Can we talk about this later?
  12. I have to pick up some MAGNUMS.
  13. How about that game last night? Man!
  14. I turned the tv off after the 3rd inning/2nd half/etc
  15. I’m trying to grow it out

What else?

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