You Put the “O” in Poetry

Does not take control
of itself.
It doesn’t have a map.
Today I ate lunch in Chinatown
With people from “the office”

Chinatown, DC, 1.25.12

The restaurant had seen better days
but they wanted an authentic experience.
I ordered a combo of Singapore noodles and sweet & sour chicken
that put all other Chinese cuisine to
And cost half the price.

The city was buzzing
I felt more alive
I should go to DC more often.

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  1. Lana Cooper says:

    Sometimes a change of scenery can be nice. I think the best parts of any city are cool, little tucked away spots — like cheapie places to eat. Not the friggin’ fancy-pants restaurants that cost half your paycheck to eat there. People get all snobby about food, deluding themselves with shit like, “Ohhh!! It’s not ORGANIC!” or get freaked because some five-star chef didn’t prepare it. Piss on that! Some of the best meals I’ve had are in little dives. It’s more about having good company to share the food with.

    Man… I ❤ your blogs. Please write them more often!

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