Is There Ever a ‘Good Time’ to Do These Things?

I stepped out for a breath of fresh air and encountered five ladies crammed into the smoker’s booth, catching a nicotine buzz before returning to their duty station.  The women were discussing how the United States is ‘in trouble.’  There’s the price hikes for groceries and gas, the absence of salary raises, and of course, that pesky war of which we’re still sentenced.

Today, in the news, Sixteen civilians are dead in Afghanistan.  

An American soldier did something horrible.

It’s another story, breaking here at a safe distance away from god knows what.  An ugly situation with crude weapons and a good portion of crude humans on either side of the fence.

In the face of all this,
I heard a young 20-something whine “What’s to become of my generation?”  I will answer this question..
We’re screwed.  All of us, the baby boomers, the X’ers, the YXs, the Ys.  We are screwed.
There will never be a ‘good time’ for us to pull out of the war, just like there’s never a good time to quit smoking or break up with someone you love.
Gas will probably never be what it was.
If and when the economy improves, it will still never be what it was.

We can only keep swimming thru the muck; it’s only thing that matters anymore.  Nostalgia is a seductive liar.  Don’t read the paper or watch the news.  Do what you can when you can & pay your dues.  And for what it’s worth, don’t be so doom and gloom, because it doesn’t help anything.


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  1. Lana says:

    As always, you make so many great points. i wonder what’s going to become of our generation — or even our planet, for that matter. Like you said, gas prices may never go back to what they were or the economy goes back to what it was… But at the same time, people aren’t willing to adapt. I’m not talking about all of this, “Well you just gotta tighten your belts!” bullshit some people love to throw out when they’re dining at 5-star restaurants and have the means to do so.

    It’s such a mixed message people get. They’re told “Spend! Spend! Spend! It’s good for the economy!” when they haven’t gotten a pay raise in years. People need to make an attitude adjustment.They have to stop blindly purchasing things they don’t need just to keep up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians, such wonderful role models we should all aspire to, no doubt. *barf*).

    It’s easier said than done, but try to be happy. Find the thing and the people you love most in the world. Live for that, live for them, and live for yourself — not what some out-of-touch politician or celebrity shows you what you “should” be.

    1. MB says:

      Lucioua Lana , Reading this again, girrrlllll unh! Unh! U so fckn smart

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