My Day Thus Far

Monday morning. 8:10 AM.
Had insomnia last night,
so I didn’t sleep.
Around 5AM,  a familiar pitter patter sounded outside my window.
It was RAIN.
Siri told me it would not rain until 10 AM,
Damn you Siri.
I depend on you.
The top of my jeep was down.
Thus, my jeep was soaked.
As I ran into the rain, at 5 ungodly o’clock,
Neighbors were remote unlocking their vehicles,
and they all were dressed so well
And looked so perfectly put together
Water pelting my face,
soaking the Scooby Doo pajama pants I borrowed from Liz
and never gave back
the Mickey Avalon wifebeater probably looked cool all wet,
but quite frankly
the whole experience was miserable.
The top of the jeep was being difficult
So I half-assed it,
Went back inside,
and took a shower.

7:20 AM.
Couldn’t latch the top.
Left for work in the jeep, top down.
Sprinkling and overcast, and chilly.
It was a ride into the office like no other
Everyone else on I-95 sped along in their nice enclosed cars
Ah f*ck it
Being prepared is for wimps

The workday is almost done.
Thank God.

This should cheer you up. Take a listen:

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