Another Saturday Night

Saturday nights used to be memorable on a consistent basis. Not so much anymore. While I’m not obsessively holed up & tuning in to Cops/America’s Most
Wanted, not enough is going on these days.

What the hell? I wasn’t ready for lucid weekends or being the only person still awake at 3am. Being awake all alone at that hour is eerie.

So now I’m Going to share some pics off my iPhone, since I’ve sold out and become app crazy.

An overpass in north west Dc.

“The Wharf,” waterfront Washington DC.

Stuck in DC traffic on I-95 during my evening commute.

Screenshot of Saturn, using an app I’ll be featuring in my next blog (tune in).

Crossing the Woodrow Wilson bridge in no traffic. Wow.

I saw this in my friend Victoria’s fridge and needed to save the moment. Notes in the fridge are always fun.

And now, some screen shots of my poetry. I used an app. You get a bunch of ‘fridge magnet style’ words to arrange.

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