iPhone crack cocaine

source: blog.ilove3c.com

This iPhone stays with me.
At my desk, in the jeep,
in the bed, while I sleep
All April, may, and June
I bring it when I’m
in the bathroom
On the can,
Download three apps,
When it’s in my hand,
iOS relapse attacks
Ever since we’ve been introduced
I’ve been running
Out of juice
But this piece
Is smarter
and I carry
four chargers
And I take pictures
When I’m stoned
I’m in love
With a cellphone
Point and click
Like  cheap cologne
YouTube streamed
Text like a fiend
Chatting cavalierly
Interviewing Siri
She’s just a good friend
Who answers all my questions
Hey what’s the weather
Should I bring a sweater?
And she’s like yeah whatever
My grip stays tight
Like Craigslist
and transvestites

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