Pill Poppers

Ooooookayyyyyyy….??????   According to my stats…..

300 hits in the last hour, all came in under the search term “pills.”  I wrote that blog two years ago.  Why now? What on earth is going on?

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about boring Chantix and Effexor:


No, but really, wtf?   Leave me a comment and explain why, if you know.

SIDE NOTE:  I know I said Effexor was great, but I spoke too soon.  Now I hate Effexor.  Just wanted to clear that up. Thank you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hah! I’m seriously thinking of writing a (very short) book of all the search terms I’ve gotten hits from. The world, it frightens me…

  2. MB says:

    Lol, give me a few examples. This stuff is fascinating. I track my stats, always so entertaining, huh?

    With today’s pill mystery… don’t understand the sudden spike, lol.

  3. “detox” “hospital” turkey sandwich
    ho railway tracks yards
    nuance shades
    find the cat puzzle
    melted hershey’s on sidewalk
    sign pole sidewalk
    dunston steak khrushchev
    big ass wrapped around subway pole
    dude getting hit in the nuts soccer
    hit in the balls
    jocks hit in the nuts stories
    why is donald duck immortal


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