Things that stress me out:

*Getting out of bed.
*Mandatory attendance:Of anything, going to work included.

*The Internet:Yeah, I said it. I never realized it, but being online stresses me out, even though it’s one of the first places I go when I’m stressed. Hmm.

*My family—I try to make life easier for those I love. Not everyone knows how to do that.

*Biological clock
If you aren’t a woman, you don’t know the feeling of the inconvenient timeline thrown into life’s mix.

*Setting my alarm clock. Anxiety. Every night.

*Receiving medical attention. I avoid going to the doctor’s like I avoid ……
*Filling out paperwork. Yes, sir. Road blocks in paper form. A tree gave it’s life for this. Nothing more painful than the obligation of completing a form.

*Codependent relationship with IPhone. Technological pacifier is what it is. I hate my phone dinging off every 2 minutes! Under the palatial surface, I think it puts me on edge. And it’s touching me. Right…now.

Pass me a nerve pill, my regalia needs a break.

Thank you for reading.

Nature!!!!!!! A live shot from Connie’s backyard, free of charge.
Eastern shore, Maryland.


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  1. Lana says:

    I can agree with all of these (except the biological clock). Now I remember why I used to drink heavily. Maybe it’s time to start doing it again.

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