New Vocabulary / Slang

Urban Dictionary is a source of endless enlightenment. Here is a grammatically insane selection of terms you may or may not want to drop in your weekend dialogues. The examples used are my personal contributions.

JetBlue Balls: When you fly somewhere for a girl and get rejected.

Ex: When I was 19, I met a guy online who lived in Mississippi. He flew to Maryland and stayed for a week, which was incredibly awkward because I didn’t want to do anything physical. Talk about a case of JetBlue Balls! Attraction is one of those things best gauged irl (in real life).

Poindextrous: To be able to communicate equally well with both nerds and normal people alike.
Ex: The statisticians at work had difficulty grasping the concept of Jersey Shore. Since I’m so poindextrous, I was able to explain The Situation.

PAF: 1. Pleasant as Fuck (P.A.F.) A slang word that originated and is used heavily in SoCal (Southern California) 2. Pissed as Fuck Acronym used when someone is extremely mad. Usually used in social media communication.
Ex: Well, aren’t you just PAF?
I’m PAF, my boss has emailed me 10 times today on his day off.

We need to talk : You are screwed.
Just don’t say it.

Raving to Jesus: A condition usually applied to houses in the Christmas time that are completely covered in flashing lights and a Nativity scene. A house will only be raving to Jesus if the lights are flashing and a Nativity scene is present.
Ex: My decorations are underwhelming. We are the only house on the block that isn’t raving to Jesus between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

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