Please join me.

Making the good into the fabulous is my forte’. 

I’m on Instagram/ Webstagram if anyone is interested.  User name:  Marybken.  Let’s be friends and follow each other, win an Instagrammy together, have sex and live happily ever after.

Found in my Aunt’s backyard in VA, applied several filters and special effects.
Smile Empty Soul.
On an ordinary commute home from work, a rainbow blasted thru the sky.


Georgetown, Washington, DC
Oyster shooters in the Monte Carlo, on my 30th birthday. Vegas.
Picture of a street light, added some text.
Fields of green right? Eastern Shore, MD
Bright lights in the city of losers. (Vegas)
Ocean views, Cabo San Lucas
Passed by this archway in Mexico, do you see the woman in the background?
Sunset, vendor, on Medano Beach. (Cabo, Mexico)
Celestial palm trees by the pool.
(Cabo, Mexico)
Cabo San Lucas at night.
Lyrics by Mickey Avalon.
Medano Beach
This man did a backflip off Pelican rock

User name: MARYBKEN

ADD ME!  I’ll add you.


Shopping with Bernice.










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