How to Stop Worrying!

I come from a long line of worrywarts.  My cousin describes this nervous depression as “analysis paralysis,” and the entire side of my mom’s family suffers from this counterproductive affliction.

Trust me.  It sucks!  I spend so much time worrying.  When I can’t worry myself into a completed status on one issue,  I just switch to the next thing and worry about that.  Of course, nothing ever comes from this.  Of course, it’s literally impossible to fix something by worrying about it.  There will never be a final thought that ends the insanity.  The worry cycle is a tricky bitch.  Don’t do it. 

Just stop it goddamnit
Just stop it goddamnit

Here is a formula to outsmart your worry gene:

Step 1:  Make a list.  Lists are like kryptonite to the all-powerful anxiety monster.  Once the thoughts maniacally circling in your brain are put on paper, they stop making so much noise.  Your head will be able to focus on the present, which is always far more important than worrying.

Step 2:  Say to yourself, “Pick one thing to fret about and be done with it!”   Yeah.  Makes sense, huh?  End the insanity.  You can do it.

Step 3:  Stick to Step 2.   Focus on the one issue on your list that you’d like to spend precious time worrying about.  What can you do to cross this off your list?  If this is an item on your to-do list, go for it.  At least make a small footstep in the right direction.

Step 4:  Move on.  Life is short.  What can you do today to make life better?

Worrying is an illusion of control. We can think about it forever —  it stays in our head where the deafening buzz of anxiety drowns out reality.  The only things accomplished in life are by doing.  For realsies.

Worrying is an easy way to beat oneself all. day. long.

Don’t do it.


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