Timeless advice to remember.

79 Sparrows

I don’t anger easily.  So when I do, it is because someone did something really stupid.  There’s a little saying: Anger tells us when we have been betrayed-either by ourselves or by someone else.  Anger is our friend, like our gut.  Both send a strong signal; it’s up to us if and how we react.

Actually, right now I’m about to throw up I’m so pissed.  I can’t stand manipulative, sneaky liars.  Especially ones I’ve known for years and still do the same thing to me.  Duh!    Like anyone ever really “changes.”  Right?

And no, that jerk you know is not saving a better version of himself to show you one day.  People don’t do that.  If anything, they show you a public relations version of themselves, and then it goes downhill from there.  And if someone wants to give you themselves, they do.  It’s just that simple.

Don’t hang…

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