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  1. Kenz!e says:

    Coachella already? Is that Dirty Nasty the rapper?

    1. MB says:

      Hey Kenzie. That’s his pic from last year. Yeah- THE one and only Dirt Nasty. He’s def got the “artist” gene- I read he just finished filming Scary Movie 5. And his side project 3 Loco is on tour…. Talented man.

      1. Kenz!e says:

        I love 3 Loco. Well, there EP has 8 songs and I like 4 of them. That’s almost marriage for me. 🙂

      2. MB says:

        “Ooooh what you know ’bout me? Dirt Nasty bitttccchh, I’m a farmer”

        yeah i like about 4 of the songs too!!!!

      3. Kenz!e says:

        Hehehe. Yeah, he’s awesome. They remind me of 2 Live Crew or Digital Underground. I’ve always liked dirty funny rap styles.

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