“Facebook sucks”

Facebook sucks -by 79sparrows

I like the depth of this quote. It’s so brilliant. Profound. Simply, ahead of it’s time.
Don’t agree that Facebook is dreadful? Stick around. But first, explain yourself in the comments. What does Facebook add to your life?
I know what it’s added to mine:

+ I am now aware of everyone’s political and religious beliefs.
Thanks guys. Why is this info being announced? I can’t imagine this ever happening IRL. (IRL= in real life.) Picture walking into a roomful of your friends, skip past the hey how ya doins, instead, randomly and quite proudly declare which presidential candidate has your support. (And–WHY.) It just wouldn’t happen IRL.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Faith says:

    The next time I walk into a room I’m going to give my opinion on gun control and the possible appointment of John Kerry. I’m going to flash a few cute graphics of grumpy cat followed by inspirational quotes, then I’ll exit.

    1. MB says:

      Hahhah Faith!!!
      I thought I responded to this already.
      You are so funny.

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