What I learned from my 2012 WordPress Annual Report

The WordPress.com stats took it upon themselves to prepare a very helpful 2012 annual report for 79sparrows.  Somehow, the relation was made that  I’d pretty much blow the Cannes Film Festival out of the water.  Thank you WP!  Now THAT is a compliment.  There were a total of 22,000 views in 2012.   I’ve reviewed the stats and the numbers have spoken volumes.

I’d like to thank Henry Rollins for being so damn interesting that people searched for him and found my blog.  Hi guys.  Hell yeah, Henry is the man.  Like a fine wine, he just gets better and better.

Meeting Henry on his 50th Birthday.  Also happened to be Valentines Day.  Hmm.   Feb 2011.  Washington DC
Meeting Henry on his 50th Birthday. Also happened to be Valentines Day. Hmm.
Feb 2011.
Washington DC.

I’d like to thank Chantix for that one experience we shared back in 2010.  The one that ended with me in the emergency room followed by an epic show-down with the worst landlord ever.   “Happy Pills” and the word “pills” in general was a much searched for topic in 2012, and I delivered.  I don’t know what the hell was in the air on September 12th, but 79sparrows hit 341 views, with “Happy Pills”  being  the most popular post that day.

A big thank you goes out to all the jerks ‘bad boys’  I used to date, because people love reading about you losers.   You gave me great insight to which I would refer when writing such masterpieces as “Never Marry a Man Who Has No Friends” and “The Bad Boy Syndrome.”

Nigerian Scam Artists:  Keep the emails coming.  “Messing with Liars” was the most commented on post of 2012.

To all 156 countries that checked into 79sparrows, with US topping the list and UK and Canada not far behind:  Come back again, eh?

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