What If?

Why do we struggle to make sense of our lives ? Those sequential events leading up to our present day (mood). Like we can ever really figure it out. Really.

Id like to meet the person who has. Those people who claim supreme knowledge are usually (78% prevalence rate) gypsies- I mean the bad kind of gypsy you see on TLC. Double order of Narcissistic personality disorder with scam arti$t on the $ide.

They pass thru .
So none of us know jack shit, we’re all scared out of our minds about the uncertainty of this world half the time. The rest of the time is just hanging on for the ride, UPPers, DOWNerS, all arounders—the boring transitional parts of the roller coaster.
The bored parts are sometimes the weak sauce. I find that staying busy keeps me out of trouble. Even if I’m not particularly enjoying whatever it is that’s keeping me busy—at least I was living in the moment.
Keep me busy. Real busy.
Too busy to think.
A bored mind blows up ordinary situations like inflatable rafts and then it floats down the river of shit-depression, sort of like the Lazy River at King’s Dominion. Boring, unremarkable, imposter feelings. Lazy.
Don’t be lazy.

Find a way out.


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