Featured: 3 Twitter Accounts for Fun

I tweet.  I’ll admit it.

Facebook is just too stressful and heavy; apparently that’s what happens when you don’t put a character limit on posts.  It’s easy to be entertaining with a long rambling diatribe about the bad luck you had on the way into work, but to make your point in 140 keystrokes or less, now that takes skills.

In no particular order, here are ten three twitter accounts that keep the fun coming:

1.  Meeting Boy
Thanks to Twitter, those of us who work in offices can make snarky remarks someplace besides inside our own jaded mind.  Meeting Boy does just that.  With a following of over 141 K cubicle warriors, Meeting Boy keeps the tweets rolling with real-life office insanity about power point presentations, bosses, and lack of common sense where upon most workplaces seems to thrive.

2.  Celebs Complaining

Here you will find tweets by the over privileged complaining about their lives.  FUNNY.  And it’s rich…very rich.

3.  Stallcam

We live in a world where taking one’s own picture is commonplace. And if you haven’t noticed, the most popular self photo-op is the bathroom. The bathroom mirror.  This twitter account celebrates ‘selfies’ in all their restroom glory.Image

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