Nails these Days

We live in strange times. Especially when it comes to the state of ‘fashionable’ fingernails. Nowadays, nails are about tacky art, putting on the bling blingy, until your hands look like they got lost in the mall & ended up trying on the entire Sally Hansen decal line at Claire’s Boutique.

Ah, the cliche’ “one of these nails is not like the other” look.

Do you ever figure someone out by looking at how they keep their nails? You can tell a lot from someone’s hands. Supposedly, the length of a man’s fingers are also indicative of package size. Not relevant? Ok. Moving on…

If you’re like me and keep your nails short, you’ll notice some colors just aren’t very becoming. Like ‘pearly’ colors. Ick.

I found a shade at Ulta that is pretty much the ‘default’ color of champions. For $15 bucks, it should be impressive, no? I couldn’t resist. Introducing “FASH PACK” by BUTTER.

Fash. Pack. I hit up the Google to discover Fash=Fashion. Wow. FYI.

It’s a cute shade of brown that goes with just about everything. I know, it’s…brown…but somehow universally flattering. This is the color. Yes sir.

What’s YOUR default polish?

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  1. Lana Cooper says:

    That’s actually a really cool color. You don’t see too many interesting shades of brown nail polish.

    I keep my nails short, too. My defaults are either a dark purple/burgandy, bright teal, or basic black. Depends on the season or the mood.

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