The Bridge

One of my best

79 Sparrows

the bridge

over the bridge, i met with an old acquaintance, discussed big ideas and she smiled and told me things were looking up.  I left her office,  crossed the street, and stood alone in front of a breakfast cafe.   Such a simple little town, spring whispered in the morning chill, I felt you from my spot on the bare sidewalk.  You are so close in my mind, but never with me.   it was going to rain soon.  on the way back, i crossed the bridge again, like a bird staring down.  i remember gazing at this very bridge with you from the land below.  See it all over again.

all over again, you are still everything and nothing.

Wait.  Wait, I tell myself.  Don’t lose your head.  It comes and goes.  Waiting for the tide to turn, lost at sea for just a moment, for even just one moment, is terrifying enough.    Rain drops spattered on my windshield. …

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