Eye Candy


Well, sometimes I don’t have much time to blog. But there’s always enough time to dump a few pics for your viewing enjoyment. Photodump time!!! 

Yes, these are my photos. I took them using very advanced photography equipment, this limited edition camera called an “iPhone.” It’s state of the art and hasn’t been released to the general public yet. But I have a friend in the industry. Don’t tell anyone.

Suitland, MD * Lyrics by MACKLEMORE
Mormon Temple / Maryland I took this in my Jeep Wrangler while riding shotgun down I-95.


EXTREMELY RARE photo of SunRISE probably the 3rd or 4th sunrise I’ve ever seen I hate mornings.
“Go Ravens * Bitches Be Trippin'” No place like Maryland Scenes from I-95


A very ominous looking sky, right before the big “storm” that was supposed to transpire that I didn’t pay attention to all day when everyone else was having a cow
SCREENSHOT. Awesome quote huh?


I’ll always be a Washingtonian. Washington, DC / Spring 2013
I dunno. There’s something sensual about nature and power lines, no?
Again with the powerlines? Dusk Northern VA


Airplane. In the sky. Yeah, buddy


A pic of a fabulous 4 year old fashionista & me


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