In the Corner of Your Room, Can you Hear Me?

Here’s 2 new graphic creations for you to enjoy.

“She thought she was dead” is a line from a poem I wrote years ago.  I came across it the other day while cleaning out my jeep, if that tells you what kind of organized life I live.   Upon discovery, I fell in love with this line.  It is about recovery, recovery of ANY type—whether you grapple with depression, or are suffering with grief, or addiction, or whatever else kind of fresh hell.

Somehow, You will come out of the worst of it.  And like a wildflower, you will be just fine.

She thought she was dead
She thought she was dead

“You are sleeping…. You do not want to believe.”   This line is an old sound clip that plays at the beginning of Morrissey’s song “Rubber Ring.”   I don’t advise anyone depressed to listen to Morrissey, but this song is one of those few Morrissey pieces that isn’t a bummer.

You do not want to....
You do not want to….



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Faith says:

    depression happens while you all but have to plan happiness. i plan ways to feel better inside and out.
    i’m not sure i know a single song by the artist you’re talking about.
    also, i didn’t realize you had blog updates because gmail has regrouped things for me into a folder called social. what? I clicked it and it was full of blogs I read. gracious.
    i need to plan for the next gmail overhaul, oh wait, i can’t because like depression it tends to drop on ya. 🙂

    1. MB says:

      faith ,
      I’ve been thinking about you this week, you have inspired me to return to blogging. I’ve been itching to do so for a while but our conversations bring back so many good memories and I can’t wait to get back into it

  2. MB says:

    Hi Faith,
    Came here just to say hello to you. Depression is a bitch. In the midst of it now, I hate winter.
    how are you?

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