I neglected my blog.  WTF.


And for heaven’s sake why is there free advertisement all over my site?   I pay $100 a year to have a premium site, so please explain yourselves wordpress! @wordpress #whatinthewordpressisgoingon



And most of all, hashtag I’m sorry. #imsorry
Letting go of my writing was a monumental mistake. Truly dumb.

Last week, I was in Vegas. I put an adventurous yet distinguished cabana boy up in a bigass one bedroom balcony suite at The Signature at MGM to use at my leisurely desire. And my heavens, was he eager to please.

Just kidding, my fiance and I took at 6 day vacay in Sin City but I was being honest about the accommodations.

Many hours were spent marinating on Fremont St., an oasis to escape my reality of a non-public driven existence. Enjoy the video.

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