You’ll Find Me In the Bathroom, Gambling with Time

I hate apps
The notifications
The email reminders

I am sick
From not writing
But blogging isn’t quite the same
It’s tied to the instant gratification
Of likes. Of stars. Of comments.
I’ll write what you wanna read
But I’d rather
Write the book I wanna read

On the other hand
I want to connect too
I want you to relate
Willing to bleed on a keyboard
to ease your head

I want to leave the world
With a legacy in print
Filled with pages,
The kind of pages you turn manually
Bound pages


3 Comments Add yours

  1. This is Faith from Sundrip.
    I lost track of you. I’ve been wondering, where is the sparrow and her songs?
    You have been missed. I wonder all sorts of things, things you wrote that I read, with concern.
    How are we virtual living things to know of your wellbeing if you say nothing?

    1. MB says:

      I was just thinking of you the other day. I’ll be back blogging now. I just got married yesterday and was taking up a lot of my time

      1. I saw something on your blog about you in Vegas doing unspeakable acts and something about your fiance.
        Congrats Mrs Sparrow..

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