This way to the Mondrian

All my life, I’ve felt particularly drawn to Los Angeles.  So when I finally went to CA this past September, it was like meeting the anonymous  person you’ve had a crush on for a few decades. I came, I stayed 15 days, I left and now feel  pangs of homesickness for a place I do not live.  A potentially cold, damp, dark winter is upon us, and I’m in Washington, DC.  It’s gonna be nasty. Guaranteed.

Now all I see is pictures.  <dramatic sigh>  So I’d like to share some of my memories here:

Venice Beach skateboarders, music by Mickey Avalon “Mr. Brownstone”

Pacific Coast Highway captured
Window Shopping: Art Boutique in Palm Springs
San Simeon
heavily filtered near Mission Viejo, CA
MALIBU, perfect Malibu

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