Ten Fabulous Pics Explained 

On any given day, I can fire up the Instagram app and view glimpses of life from all around the world.  Admittedly, some people shouldn’t be allowed to use Instagram because they upload pictures of just about anything, like a group of Chinese tourists in their own lives.  “Cheeseburger at McDonalds!”  “My front door” “My foot” are all things that don’t need to be caputured for all of eternity, but what can you do?  It’s a free world & a free internet.

Here are a few of mine, narrated for your information:

1.  Glass bottom water taxi.

Photo cred: 79sparrows

This is what you see when you look into the Sea of Cortez thru the bottom of a boat. ( I added a few filters.)

2.   Mission Vjeijo, CA

 South of Orange County, the views are even more spectacular.

3.   San Francisco, CA
NO PLACE LIKE IT.  Drive the city hills, observe the crazy world that is the city by the Bay.

4.  Long Beach Island, New Jersey:
This was right after Hurricane Katrina. The island was a ghost town.

5. Fremont St, Las Vegas

 October 2015.  It rained and rained for the duration of our 40 hr layover in Vegas.  Fremont was so void of business, some shops closed down.  It was weird.

6. San Diego bay (Ferry dock)

 What can I say? San Diego is beautiful.  Even on a foggy autumn night.

7. Desert Hot Springs, CA

This place was awesome.  Luxuriating in the mineral hot springs can make anyone feel better.  We stayed at a 24hr spa named “The Spring“- highly recommended.

8.  Malibu,CA

THIS IS when the PCH drive got REALLY GOOD. Soon we were in..

9. Big Sur, CA

Absolutely stunning.

10.  Hollywood Hills


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