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Just now, sitting in a candlelit sunroom, I received a New Follower notification (you know who you are, Emily), and it reminded me I’m a big fat liar.  A week or so has passed since my last post, which proclaimed my return to writing.   But, I also carry the trump card(eh. Not fun to say anymore) with the reason: I am unpacking. As in, a huge move into a house unpacking.

Im afraid of not finding one thing:  the invitations for my sister’s baby shower.  My original timeline shot for a Feb 1 mail-out, and here we are.  My anxiety is building, yet I procrastinate in the dumbest ways, like playing video games.  Getting into a simulation game while much more pressing matters await, is by far a page straight out of the DSM-VII.  I avoid reality with escapism, and I hold the devil in my hand rather than upon my right shoulder.  The iPhone has become exactly what I knew it would be back in 2008 or so, when my personal smart phone journey began.  I reluctantly, and guiltily placed my Samsung flip phone in a drawer and never looked back.  Not out of adoration for smartphones…Only because it’s impossible to go back.  It’s not just personal… it’s business.  It’s me not getting lost in Anacostia, because that happened frequently driving thru DC.

In 2017, a smartphone is both an escape and a ball & chain.   Strange.  To be honest, I miss the crisp “snap” sound, when a conversation was over and I was back to “real life.”  Even the grainy pictures were endearing.  And to look fabulous without filters!! Enough said.

Im busy.  I blogged tho.

A colorful life.

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