Here for a Reason: The Podcast

Heads up, longtime friends and occasional readers. I wasn’t keeping up on blogging. Obviously. But I realized I love the sound of my own voice. And so, I started a podcast to do that. A radio show, if you will. Behold, HERE FOR A REASON.

Click the pic to go to the Podcast

I created the show as some type of warped therapy. And it’s working. Two alpha females talk about real life issues. Topic discussions designed for people with short attention spans! High on comedy; a work in progress. A little something for everyone in the time being. I’d like to do more interviews so let me know if you are interested or know someone who is.

Here’s a few clips from the most recent show, which focused on Vicky’s birthday cake and the discovery of my lost wallet. Amongst many other things. Whattya think?

Talk to me?

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